Gameplay w/ Swedish Commentary

So, i’ve begun making some gameplay/commentaries in Swedish on my channel. I’ll be releasing one a week, on fridays or saturdays. If you know Swedish, or even if you don’t… Check them out and comment what you think.

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GTA/R* Shelf Update!

I recieved a package from Thomas today.
It was a combined salary (for working at and birthday present.

The package contained Alot of Red Dead Redemption swag and stickers. Awesome stuff!
So now i’ve got both a GTA shelf and a RDR shelf.

Check out the images below of my updated GTA shelf and the new RDR shelf.


Now ain’t that fucking awesome?!
Once again Thanks alot to Thomas!

Also, i bought Skate 3 yesterday. After about a year of waiting, it’s come down in price to what i felt was appropriate. It cost about $28. Keep in mind thought that it’s not just “half price” from what it was when it was new, because new games in Sweden cost around $94, or 600 SEK.

So i’m going to have some fun with that until L.A Noire comes out in May… Can’t wait for that damn game!

Have a good one!

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New L.A Noire Trailer

So, i’m not really the best blogger, posting about one blogpost per 6 months, but i’ll try to be blogging more this year. We’ll see how that works out though.

For now, check out this fan-made trailer i did for L.A Noire:

It’s TV-Spot shortish. If you like it, it’d be awesome if you’d hit that “favourite” button and subscribe to my channel.

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I had some fun this weekend!

This weekend, me and my friend had planned we’d do a LAX-Party, as we like to call it. Local Area Xbox Party, as we just play co-op etc on my Xbox instead of LAN’ing with computers.

So first i cleaned my room a bit and fixed my GTA-shelf, that had been infected with other stuff as my room got all filled up with junk. I added the new copies of III, VC and SA aswell as my The Ballad Of Gay Tony T-Shirt that i got from Thomas over at RockstarBase (where him and i write about R* news):

And so at friday evening, the guys came. It was two of my friends, aswell as one of my friends friends, which i now consider a friend aswell. <That’s the best sentance i’ve written in a while.

One of my friends had his Xbox and TV with him so he started playing some game, whilst me and my other friend began playing Nazi Zombies on CoD: World At War.

Funny thing happened. We left a crawler at the end of a round to buy weapons and perks, and when i was about to shoot the zombie to start the next round, he flew up into the air and then just got stuck there, bouncing up and down mid-air. We was going to take a picture but just as we busted out the camera the little dude died. Damn zombies!

We died at level 23 on Der Riese and then we decided to go out for a bit. Just to enjoy the night. We wondered of to my old school which is about to be demolished and replaced by a new one… Some windows were shattered and so we climbed in to take a look.

Once we got back we watched a movie called “The Chair” It was pretty good. It’s about this girl who just moved to an old house.

The girl can hear voices and see ghosts and so she begins searching for what and why she sees all of it.

As it turns out, many years ago in that same house and old man had used a chair to torture a guy that raped and/or killed his daughter.

After that we played some Blur… 3 player split-screen (the friend that had his own xbox didn’t want to play with the rest of us *sadface*), and that was fun.

We also played some Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4. Those are great games to play when you’re super tired. The physics engine makes everything hilarious!

The clock was about 8 or 9 am when we all got tired and so my two friends went to bed, and me and my new friend stayed up playing Blur. The other guy went to check in on the sleeping dudes and then he called me saying “Hey Vic, come watch how cute he (one of my friends) is!”

I walked there and he had put some Action-Man dolls over his arm. Haha. We laughed so hard at it. Problably because we were so tired. But it was pretty funny!

Soon after, we all fell asleep and when we woke up everybody had to go. At the same time my mom asked me if i wanted to go into town and rent some movies. I followed and found some movies i bought. Theese:

And today i watched the “Max Manus” with the Action-Man friend. It was pretty good.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow morning, so i better go to bed now.
That’s my weekend! Sorry for a pretty long post. I will try to start posting each day.

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LEGO Starcraft

Hi, I just wanted to share this awesome LEGO Stop-Motion video by Kooberz.

Believe me, even if you don’t like StarCraft it’s worth a watch!
It’s such an awesome piece of stop motion video!

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Gothenburg round-up!

Got back from Gothenburg a couple of days ago and i though i’d write something short about it.

The day i got to the friends we were staying with in Gothenburg, i first visited a tv/technology type store and got to see some 3D tv. It was good. It was better than i expected,
still though, i can’t really explain why or how it’s good. Whenever i watched regular tv after i saw 3D tv, i felt like i didn’t miss out on anything, but i still wanted to see it in 3D.

It’s like it’s a cool thing, and depending on the material (some stuff looks really cool in 3d whilst others just looks stupid) it can be either great or really meh. I’d love to have one, but only when they come down in price, and the technology has become mastered, so that the material we have to watch is really good. Right now, some things were really rough around the edges.

When we got to the peeps we got some great food and socialized. Later that night we watched El Orfanato on blu-ray on his 50″ tv.

Pretty good quality! It was a pretty good movie aswell, but a little weird at some points. I’d give it like a 7.5/10

The day after that we took the bus into Gothenburg. We ended up at a quite fancy resturaunt on “Avenyn” and interestingly, all of the men at the table ordered hamburgers, whilst the females ordered salmon. It tasted great! After that we roamed around the avenue to find a pub with some free seats. We ended up finding one and i got a beer and such such… We had a good time!

When we got home later that evening we watched the first three episodes of “Planet Earth” on Blu-Ray. Some shots were just awesome. That thing, honestly… Wow. So, now i have to get a blu-ray player and a copy of Planet Earth. Hehe.

As i wrote in some of the previous entries, i found some movies aswell as GTA III, VC and SA. I didn’t buy any more games after that, because i didn’t find anything that in my likings.

I did find and buy a lot of different movies though. I’ll post some pictures of which ones later.

The day before we left, i saw Knight and Day on Cinema with my brother and a friend.
It was pretty good actually. I really liked it.

Also, i did find a bunch of different energy drinks that i’d never seen up here (in my home town) though, so i bought those i found (just for collecting the cans). One of them tasted weird, but the other three tasted about as all other normal energy drinks does.

That’s that.

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GTA Shelf Updated!

Sorry for not updating yesterday, i totally forgot about it.

So, i went into town and checked some stuff out. I ended up buying GTA 3, GTA VC and GTA SA for PC for a pretty sweet amount of money (a.k.a, not to much). It was a buy 3 pay for 2 kind of deal, and they were all priced the same amount of money (99SEK).

It’ll be a nice update to my GTA Shelf at home to have some fresh copies of theese! 🙂
(As you might know from reading “About GermanScientist” i’m a big GTA fan and i do have a GTA-shelf:)

(It’s not to much at the moment though, but it’s getting better!)

I also found “two” movies. First i found a movie about nazi germany named “Sophie Scholl” and the other one i found is “The Nightmare on Elm Street: Collection” which is all 7 movies.

I’ve become more interested in nazi germany and movies about those times lately, even though i’ve always loved to know more about them.

And thats what i got yesterday. Today i’ve been to another mall and checked out another GameStop and another music/movie place but i didn’t buy anything, although i was close to buying Black and White 2 for about $6.

Until next time. I’m out!

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