Hello World!

Hello everybody! Yay for the first post of this blog!

About a week ago a friend of mine notified me that the local GameStop had an “up to 70%” summer sale.I gathered some change and recycled some sodacans and bottles to get some more change back. Some of the crappier games were really cheap… Like less than $4 and some other great deals aswell..

So this saturday i took the bus into the city and went to GameStop. I ended up buying Lost (The Video Game): Via Domus for about $3,78 and i thought, even though the gameplay itself might suck, as a Lost fan i should enjoy the game enough to cover the costs.

Turned out as i played it last night i actually loved it. Sure, gameplay wise it’s pretty boring and the graphics and animations ain’t the best… But storywise, and just some of the gameplay ideas with the flashbacks just works great for me. And the fact it’s all ment to feel like you’re playing episodes of the show… I just love it.

I also bought Mercenaries 2 for about $6.26. Now i haven’t played that all too much yet, but from what i played that’s definentally a great deal aswell. Just loved one of the first couple of missions when you were supposed to collect “The Devastator” for someone, and as you got closer to the marker you saw a cool tank.

Turned out the marker was pointing at something on the other side of the wall next to the tank though, and that “The Devastator” actually was a pink scooter with flowers in the front. The character said “You’ve got to be kidding me”. I enjoyed that very much!

So i’m very happy with those deals.

Also, this past weekend, my city had it’s annual “Dock festival”. It’s like a one-time-a-year thing (annual, duh), where there’s some stages put up, some so-so artists, stands with stuff, a small carneval, and a beertent. I watched some artists, made my mom win a lucky-wheel thing. I pushed the stop button! So she won a big box of chocolates. After that we went to the beertent and i grabbed a couple of beers and a cider.

Had a good time!
That was my weekend!

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