GTA Shelf Updated!

Sorry for not updating yesterday, i totally forgot about it.

So, i went into town and checked some stuff out. I ended up buying GTA 3, GTA VC and GTA SA for PC for a pretty sweet amount of money (a.k.a, not to much). It was a buy 3 pay for 2 kind of deal, and they were all priced the same amount of money (99SEK).

It’ll be a nice update to my GTA Shelf at home to have some fresh copies of theese! 🙂
(As you might know from reading “About GermanScientist” i’m a big GTA fan and i do have a GTA-shelf:)

(It’s not to much at the moment though, but it’s getting better!)

I also found “two” movies. First i found a movie about nazi germany named “Sophie Scholl” and the other one i found is “The Nightmare on Elm Street: Collection” which is all 7 movies.

I’ve become more interested in nazi germany and movies about those times lately, even though i’ve always loved to know more about them.

And thats what i got yesterday. Today i’ve been to another mall and checked out another GameStop and another music/movie place but i didn’t buy anything, although i was close to buying Black and White 2 for about $6.

Until next time. I’m out!

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2 Responses to GTA Shelf Updated!

  1. What do you buy when you get groceries?

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