Gothenburg round-up!

Got back from Gothenburg a couple of days ago and i though i’d write something short about it.

The day i got to the friends we were staying with in Gothenburg, i first visited a tv/technology type store and got to see some 3D tv. It was good. It was better than i expected,
still though, i can’t really explain why or how it’s good. Whenever i watched regular tv after i saw 3D tv, i felt like i didn’t miss out on anything, but i still wanted to see it in 3D.

It’s like it’s a cool thing, and depending on the material (some stuff looks really cool in 3d whilst others just looks stupid) it can be either great or really meh. I’d love to have one, but only when they come down in price, and the technology has become mastered, so that the material we have to watch is really good. Right now, some things were really rough around the edges.

When we got to the peeps we got some great food and socialized. Later that night we watched El Orfanato on blu-ray on his 50″ tv.

Pretty good quality! It was a pretty good movie aswell, but a little weird at some points. I’d give it like a 7.5/10

The day after that we took the bus into Gothenburg. We ended up at a quite fancy resturaunt on “Avenyn” and interestingly, all of the men at the table ordered hamburgers, whilst the females ordered salmon. It tasted great! After that we roamed around the avenue to find a pub with some free seats. We ended up finding one and i got a beer and such such… We had a good time!

When we got home later that evening we watched the first three episodes of “Planet Earth” on Blu-Ray. Some shots were just awesome. That thing, honestly… Wow. So, now i have to get a blu-ray player and a copy of Planet Earth. Hehe.

As i wrote in some of the previous entries, i found some movies aswell as GTA III, VC and SA. I didn’t buy any more games after that, because i didn’t find anything that in my likings.

I did find and buy a lot of different movies though. I’ll post some pictures of which ones later.

The day before we left, i saw Knight and Day on Cinema with my brother and a friend.
It was pretty good actually. I really liked it.

Also, i did find a bunch of different energy drinks that i’d never seen up here (in my home town) though, so i bought those i found (just for collecting the cans). One of them tasted weird, but the other three tasted about as all other normal energy drinks does.

That’s that.

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