I had some fun this weekend!

This weekend, me and my friend had planned we’d do a LAX-Party, as we like to call it. Local Area Xbox Party, as we just play co-op etc on my Xbox instead of LAN’ing with computers.

So first i cleaned my room a bit and fixed my GTA-shelf, that had been infected with other stuff as my room got all filled up with junk. I added the new copies of III, VC and SA aswell as my The Ballad Of Gay Tony T-Shirt that i got from Thomas over at RockstarBase (where him and i write about R* news):

And so at friday evening, the guys came. It was two of my friends, aswell as one of my friends friends, which i now consider a friend aswell. <That’s the best sentance i’ve written in a while.

One of my friends had his Xbox and TV with him so he started playing some game, whilst me and my other friend began playing Nazi Zombies on CoD: World At War.

Funny thing happened. We left a crawler at the end of a round to buy weapons and perks, and when i was about to shoot the zombie to start the next round, he flew up into the air and then just got stuck there, bouncing up and down mid-air. We was going to take a picture but just as we busted out the camera the little dude died. Damn zombies!

We died at level 23 on Der Riese and then we decided to go out for a bit. Just to enjoy the night. We wondered of to my old school which is about to be demolished and replaced by a new one… Some windows were shattered and so we climbed in to take a look.

Once we got back we watched a movie called “The Chair” It was pretty good. It’s about this girl who just moved to an old house.

The girl can hear voices and see ghosts and so she begins searching for what and why she sees all of it.

As it turns out, many years ago in that same house and old man had used a chair to torture a guy that raped and/or killed his daughter.

After that we played some Blur… 3 player split-screen (the friend that had his own xbox didn’t want to play with the rest of us *sadface*), and that was fun.

We also played some Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4. Those are great games to play when you’re super tired. The physics engine makes everything hilarious!

The clock was about 8 or 9 am when we all got tired and so my two friends went to bed, and me and my new friend stayed up playing Blur. The other guy went to check in on the sleeping dudes and then he called me saying “Hey Vic, come watch how cute he (one of my friends) is!”

I walked there and he had put some Action-Man dolls over his arm. Haha. We laughed so hard at it. Problably because we were so tired. But it was pretty funny!

Soon after, we all fell asleep and when we woke up everybody had to go. At the same time my mom asked me if i wanted to go into town and rent some movies. I followed and found some movies i bought. Theese:

And today i watched the “Max Manus” with the Action-Man friend. It was pretty good.

I’m going to the dentist tomorrow morning, so i better go to bed now.
That’s my weekend! Sorry for a pretty long post. I will try to start posting each day.

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2 Responses to I had some fun this weekend!

  1. Niklas says:

    If you wanna look more professional you should always write I and never just i. 😉

    • I know that the correct way to write it is I, but it’s hard to remember to hit the shift key… And it’s a personal blog, so it doesn’t need to look very professional.

      I know alot of Americans don’t write a capital I either… It’s just annoying to have to hit the shift key, haha.

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