GTA/R* Shelf Update!

I recieved a package from Thomas today.
It was a combined salary (for working at and birthday present.

The package contained Alot of Red Dead Redemption swag and stickers. Awesome stuff!
So now i’ve got both a GTA shelf and a RDR shelf.

Check out the images below of my updated GTA shelf and the new RDR shelf.


Now ain’t that fucking awesome?!
Once again Thanks alot to Thomas!

Also, i bought Skate 3 yesterday. After about a year of waiting, it’s come down in price to what i felt was appropriate. It cost about $28. Keep in mind thought that it’s not just “half price” from what it was when it was new, because new games in Sweden cost around $94, or 600 SEK.

So i’m going to have some fun with that until L.A Noire comes out in May… Can’t wait for that damn game!

Have a good one!

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