About GermanScientist

Hi! I’m Viktor a.k.a GermanScientist.
I’m an 18 year old guy with big interest in video-games, movies, music, tech and more!
I also enjoy working with media, such as shooting and editing video and pictures.
That is why in school i study media related subjects.

This is me:

My main interest in video-games is the Grand Theft Auto series. I’m a huge fan! All the way up to the point where i would call myself a geek. Maybe even a fanboy. I’ve loved all GTA’s since GTA 1 and i still do to this day.

This is my GTA-Shelf (WIP):

I also enjoy the Call Of Duty Games since Call Of Duty 4 came with my Xbox 360 when i bought it. I’m a big fan of the Nazi Zombies co-op mode in CoD: World At War and i’m really looking forward to CoD: Black Ops!

Like i said above, i also enjoy watching movies. When i watch movies, i feel as if i’m not nearly as critic as many other people are. Most other people i know in fact, are very critic when it comes to movies, comprared to me who like almost everything i see.

If there is something Really bad though, i notice too.

I’m more critic and fastidious when it comes to video-games. I want to be really sure that i will like a game before i buy it. Unless it’s really cheap, that is!

*More (about Music and more) Coming Soon*

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